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Finding the Best Hydro Massage Spa to Enjoy in the Comfort of Your Home

Posted by samanthas on January 14, 2013 in Health and Wellness, Home Living Tips with No Comments

Whether you love to relax in a hot tub, or have a physical ailment that finds relief through the use of hydrotherapy, it pays to invest in a spa with great jet power and multiple massage options.  You may want to invest in the  best hydro massage hot tubs that specialize in top-of-the-line hydrotherapy and aquatic technology to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. The benefits of a hydro massage are multiple, including mental and physical therapeutic benefits. There are many hydrotherapy spas on the market that are geared toward aquatic massage and therapy, including those manufactured by QCA Spas.

Specialization in Hydrotherapy

Find a spa manufacturer that has been in the business for a long time with a good track record for designing and developing high quality spas and hot tubs. When looking for the best hydro massage spa, look for models that specialize in state-of-the-art hydrotherapy features and functions to provide you with a great massage experience.

The jet functions are an important feature to pay attention to. The tub doesn’t necessarily need to have the highest number of jets to provide the best massage experience. However, how the jets function is of utmost importance. For example, the hot tubs made by QCA Spas feature seats that have a variety of jet configurations to give you a different massage in each seat.  Some hydro therapy seats offer moving massage features, which you can control by a soft-touch control centre for customization at the touch of a button. You can choose to have a soothing, gentle, relaxing all-over massage, or a more intense, tension-relieving massage to reduce aches and pains in your muscles and joints.

Hydrotherapy Seats

The water pressure from the jets along the seats is really where you get the most out of a hydrotherapy session in a hot tub. You want to be able to find the best hydro massage spa that has its jets placed strategically along the seats to target the most vulnerable pressure points on the body.

QCA Spas, for example, make hot tubs that have Wave-Max seats and Ultra-Wave lounges. The Wave Max hydrotherapy seat allows you to customize your massage with the push of a button, with a choice of 7 different speeds and pressures to allow you to focus on a particular spot on your body that really needs some tension relief. If you need an extra-powerful massage, you can turbo charge the jets to provide a more intense massage.  Choose from a soothing relaxing massage, to an intense, therapeutic massage with the use of Wave-Max.

Alternatively, you can get your shoulders, back, legs and feet massaged with the 54 jets of the Ultra-Wave lounger. You can use either one or two rows at a time from your head to your toes for an invigorating, continuous massage. Use one of seven different massage patterns at one of three different speeds to get a unique massage every time – just where you need it.  Many of their spas feature foot massage wells and over the water neck jets.

Pumps, Blowers, and Heaters for the Perfect Hydro Massage

The best hydro massage spa is one that maintains maximum water flow, in addition to the specifications described above. High-flow water pumps help each jet in the tub have equal water pressure. Air-induction systems supercharge the water with warm air with the help of a quiet air turbo pump. These systems are much more efficient and pleasurable to use when they provide quiet function with adjustable control.

When looking for a hot tub, it pays to invest in quality and experience.  QCA Spas has been manufacturing quality hot tubs in the USA for over 40 years.  They have been leaders in aqua technology and quality manufacturing. You know that they stand behind their extensive warranty.

Find yourself a high quality hot tub with the features you need, at the price you can afford. Buying a hydrotherapy hot tub from QCA Spas will guarantee you the best in hydro massage for the price. When you order online, you can get exactly the model and color you want, with any options (like built in sound system or LED lighting) without the retail markup.  Shop QCA Spas at www.HotTubOutpost.com for the best prices and free shipping!


Finding the Best Hydrotherapy Hot Tub On The Market

Posted by samanthas on December 6, 2012 in Home Living Tips with No Comments

Hot tubs are amazing products to own or use on a regular basis. The soothing, warm bubbles from the water provide a sense of weightlessness, and the pulsating pressure from the jets provides a soothing, relaxing full-body massage. The great thing about hot tubs – besides their ability to induce relaxation – is that that they have many health benefits through the use of hydrotherapy. Many doctors and therapists have recommended the use of hydrotherapy through spa use on many of their patients to relieve pain and discomfort from a variety of conditions.

So how do you go about finding the best hydrotherapy hot tub out there? You want to make sure you get the most for your hard-earned money by spending it on a hot tub that will last you a long time, and will provide you with all the hydrotherapy benefits you are looking for. One such hot tub is the QCA Spas Paradise Ultra hot tub, which provides the ultimate in hydrotherapy.

The QCA Spas Paradise Ultra hot tubs are the cream of the crop when it comes to hydrotherapy spas. With all 130 pulsating jets sending pressured water along your entire body, you can be sure to have all your tension and stress stripped away with such an amazing massage.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

The health benefits of hydrotherapy with hot tubs include both mental and physical benefits. You can relieve stress and tension headaches by submersing yourself in hot water for only a few minutes a day. Incorporating a hot tub session into your daily routine can help to clear your mind and free yourself of the day’s stresses.

Your muscles and joints will also thank you for immersing them into the bubbling warm water of a hot tub. Your aching muscles can be massaged with the jets, or simply relieved of tension due to the buoyancy from the water. Pressure is taken off the joints because of the sense of weightlessness that the hot tub water provides. Your blood pressure can be regulated by the temperature of the water in the hot tub as well. Hydrotherapy truly has its advantages for the mind and body.

Features of the QCA Spas Paradise Ultra Hot Tub

To provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience, the QCA Spas Paradise Ultra hot tubs contain a multitude of features to maximize your relaxing and therapeutic experience. Some of these luxury features include:

- Ultra Wave Lounger;

– Wave Max seat;

– Hydro Max seat;

– Roto-Massage seat;

– Waterfall.

All of these components surely add to the hot tub experience and provide an amazing hydrotherapy session to melt away any tension that you may have, or any aching muscles that are ailing you. Enjoy this hot tub with your friends as you all enjoy some socializing and relaxing at the same time. The length (87″) provides ample leg room for maximum comfort, and the depth (41.5″) allows deep submersion into the hot water. The QCA Spas Paradise Ultra hot tub is definitely one of the best hydrotherapy hot tub products out there.

High Quality Materials and Construction

All the convenience and hydrotherapy in a hot tub is great, but if the quality of materials used to build the tub is sub-par, than your invested money is vulnerable to being wasted on a product that will deteriorate quickly and last only a short time. Luckily, QCA Spas Paradise Ultra hot tubs do not fall under this category. They are built to last and are backed by a warranty from an American manufacturer in business over 46 years!

These spas have some of the deepest and strongest shells of any hot tub out there. They are made with the highest quality Lucite acrylic that is manufactured to resist cracking, tearing and fading. This shell is further strengthened using a material called IsoBond for added durability.

The cabinets on these spas are strong, maintenance-free, and energy efficient. These Weather Guard cabinets are termite, moisture, and rot resistant too, making them extremely durable and long-lasting.

If you are looking for the best hydrotherapy hot tub on the market, then look no further than the QCA Spas Paradise Ultra hot tub.  Order yours online at factory direct prices and get free shipping!  You can also customize your spa with LED lights, a built in sound system and more.  Visit www.SpaSaunaDirect.com today for the biggest selection and best prices on QCA Spas.


What is the Best Hydrotherapy Hot Tub?

Posted by samanthas on May 9, 2012 in Home Living Tips with No Comments

A hydrotherapy session can work wonders on your mind, body and soul. If you are looking for the best hydrotherapy hot tub on the market, there are a variety of factors to look for and to consider before making your purchase. There are many spas available, so you want to filter through the ones that may not necessarily have all the functions of a true hydrotherapy hot tub. The following is a simple guide on what to look for when searching for the perfect hydrotherapy tub:

Jet types - The jets are the core of your hydrotherapy session. You want to make sure that the tub you are purchasing includes multiple types of jets in order to ensure that you will get a powerful, soothing and effective massage. Each seat should also have their jets placed differently as well in order for you to be able to alter the type of massage you want on any particular day.

Jet placements - Different sized jets should be strategically placed to target specific muscle groups and pressure points on the body. For example, larger jets should focus on large muscles areas such as the lower back, while the smaller jets should be placed within the tub so that they target smaller muscles like the calves and hamstrings. The sizes of the jets should vary – ideally there should be around 4 or 5 different jets sizes strategically placed within the tub. Of special note are neck jets, which all higher-end hydrotherapy hot tubs should have. These jets are placed so that you can get a therapeutic neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension.

Strong motor – The best hydrotherapy hot tub will have a powerful motor, and multiple pumps. The existence of multiple pumps placed among the hot tub will allow more water pressure to each massage seat for a true hydrotherapy session, which is particularly important in a large spa.

What is the Best Hydrotherapy Tub on the Market?

If you are looking for a true, effective and therapeutic hydrotherapy massage, look no further than the QCA Spas GT-500 Ultra Wave Lounger, available at HotTubOutpost.com. This model includes 93 strategically placed jets for a true hydrotherapy session. The “Wave lounger” seat allows you to select the direction, massage pattern and speed of your massage. You can even pause at particularly aching spots on your body for a localized massage. For a full body massage, simply select all the jets at the same time for a complete shoulder, back and leg massage.

This QCA Spas GT-500 Ultra Wave Lounger is durable and of high quality, and features a quiet, energy efficient motor. The ease of set up and use of this unique hydrotherapy hot tub makes this tub a great find. Check out HotTubOutpost.com today and have hydrotherapy delivered to your door for free!