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Self-Employed? Get Approved for a Mortgage Today!

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self employed mortgage OntarioIf you’re a self-employed individual, then you already know all the perks that come with being your own boss: making your own decisions, setting your own schedule, and so forth. But there are also some disadvantages that come with being self-employed, including the fact that you don’t fit the ‘mold’ when applying for a mortgage with the banks to purchase a home.

The main problem that the self-employed face when qualifying for a mortgage is the need to prove income with tax returns. Whereas borrowers who are employed by companies get a regular pay check and paystub which helps them prove their income, those who are self-employed have to go to much greater lengths in order to prove that their financial position is sufficient enough to cover mortgage payments.  Standard bank forms do not let you provide additional info, like receivables, growth potential, assets and intellectual property.

With over 15 percent of the Canadian population falling under the self-employed category, they have to find a way to get approved for a much needed self employed mortgage in Ontario. If you are self employed or earn a commission-based salary, your best bet is to work with a mortgage specialist who can help you find a home loan at terms and rates that work with your current and future needs.

Call the Specialists in Self-Employed Mortgages!

If you’re in need of a self employed mortgage in Ontario, you need to work with experienced mortgage experts that know how to find lenders for hard-to-place mortgages.  A mortgage broker shops your mortgage over lenders across Canada – from big banks to investment companies, credit unions, financial investors and private lenders.  They work for you – not the bank – to help you get the home loan you need. You don’t have to fill out multiple applications or have each lender pull a credit report. When you work with a reputable company – like the Mortgage Medics, they sit down with you to do a private and confidential consultation.  They can help you determine how much you can afford to spend on a home, what to expect for closing and carrying costs, and how to become mortgage free faster. The best part is, the experts at Mortgage Medics can potentially save you thousands in interest, but there is no charge for their service!

self-employed mortgageMortgage Medics help small-medium size business owners to find the home loan or debt consolidation that they need.  They understand your needs, and will look above and beyond just the fact that you’re a self-employed individual. They’ll look at components including your credit rating, debt ratios, income and more to help you get approved for a mortgage. They compare hundreds of lending products to match the ones that are best for your requirements.  The Medics have access to lenders who are well-versed in providing mortgages to the self-employed.

Even if the banks turned you down, get a second opinion from a Medic!  Call the team at Mortgage Medics at (905) 847-6611 or visit their website at www.mortgagemedics.ca for more information!  They Medics also make house calls!


Add a Focal Point to Any Room

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wall mounted electric fireplacesHanging beautiful artwork on the walls can change the look and feel of any room in the house.  However, a new decorating trend is taking over the traditional painting or print – since it is functional as well as beautiful.  This hot new item: a wall mounted electric fireplace!

The beauty of the electric fireplace is that it does not require special permits, ventilation or installation.  It can be installed in almost any room – including a rental apartment or condo.  It requires no construction and  is portable – so you can take it with you when you move!  The variety of options and colors available makes it easy to find an electric fireplace that matches your decor – from traditional to modern.

Thanks to technology, the wall mounted electric fireplace is now much thinner, with options like units that hang on the wall or ones that can be built into the decor.   These fireplaces are much safer than wood burning or gas fireplaces, since there is no gas, no sparks and the glass remains cool.  Electric fireplaces also require less energy and clean up, and are ready to go with the flick of a remote control.  They also come in a variety of sizes – including large rectangular ones – so you can really make a statement. Once you fall in love with your first one, you may want to add additional electric fireplaces to other rooms – like the bedroom, dining room, bathroom or even the cottage.

Simply Electric FireplacesElectric fireplaces are a great option to save energy, since you can use them to heat one room – bedroom, living room, basement – or wherever you spend more time – rather than crank the heat up for the whole house.  They are practical all year round since you can choose heat, light or both.  You can turn them on  in the summer without the heat – so you just add ambience without raising the temperature.  There are also models that are good for outdoor patio use.

To find the best selection of electric fireplaces in Canada, visit www. simplyelectricfireplaces.ca.  They have great prices and will ship anywhere in Canada.  Lots of great sales going on right now – so get one while it is still winter and prepare for cozy evenings snuggled in front of your very own fireplace.


Boost the Lifespan of Your Business’ Flooring

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commercial tile cleaning servicesAmong all the tasks that you have to take care of for your business, cleaning the floors shouldn’t be one of them. Unfortunately, they have to be cleaned on a regular basis to make them visually appealing, free of germs, odors and debris.  Regular maintenance with occasional deep cleaning can extend the life of your carpets and tiles, keeping them fresh, clean and lasting as long as possible.

Aside from regular maintenance, carpets and tiles should also be deep cleaned on occasion. How often will depend on the nature of your business and the amount of traffic you have on a daily basis.  Health care, daycare, food industries and others need to be especially vigilant to avoid contamination, bacteria and illness that can stem from dirty floors and carpets.

Experts in the field of carpet and tile cleaning in commercial establishments are the best and most sound choice when it comes to having your flooring deep cleaned.  Professional carpet and tile cleaning companies generally employ trained and certified personnel who understand the best cleaning products and cleaning methods to use that will remove dirt and debris without causing damage to your flooring.  Certain floor cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions may not be suitable for your tiles. Not only will they not remove the buildup of grime on your tiles and grout, but they could even damage the tile’s surface or the carpet fibers.

Leave the Carpet and Tile Cleaning to the Pros

Aside from your everyday costs to upkeep and run your business, the physical structure and fixtures of the establishment also costs money, including your carpet and tiles. Proper cleaning and maintenance can help you avoid issues arising from unsanitary floors for your clients and employees. Flooring will maintain a cleaner appearance and not need to be replaced as quickly.

commercial tile cleaning companyWhile routine maintenance can generally be done in-house, deep cleaning should be done by experts.  One such company that operates in the Greater Toronto – Greater Hamilton area is SteamWorks Carpet Cleaning. Their staff is fully trained and certified in commercial tile and carpet cleaning. They use powerful truck mounted equipment and specialized cleaning techniques to make sure that the floors are not only left as clean as possible, but are handled with care.

If you or anyone who frequents your business has any allergies, asthma or other upper respiratory issues, they offer green cleaning solutions that are not only safe for you and your patrons, but also safe for the environment. They offer carpet cleaning and also tile cleaning with the option of grout color change to give floors a more uniform and fresh appearance.

For the best commercial tile cleaning company in Oakville, Mississauga and surrounding areas, call SteamWorks today at (905) 334-2917.


Mystified By Mattress Options?

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Buy Mattress in TorontoWhich Type of Mattress is Right For You?

What might be good for one person may not necessarily be good for another. While this saying can apply to just about anything in life, it certainly applies in the world of mattresses. Some people prefer firm surfaces, while others may enjoy softer mattresses, some may need more support, others are side sleepers, etc.

Finding the right mattress is a cross between support and comfort. While you definitely want to invest in a mattress that’s comfortable, you also want to buy one that will accommodate any issues you may have with support in different areas of your body. Some people may require more support for their lower back, while others may be looking a mattress that is really firm all over. Some may want an adjustable mattress, while others are fine with a standard flat bed.  If you sleep with a partner, are temperature sensitive or latex sensitive, then you will have to take this into consideration when you go to buy your next mattress.

One thing’s for sure: there are plenty of mattress styles to choose from, depending on your needs, wants, and budget.

Your Mattress Options

When you go shopping for a new mattress, you’ll be inundated with many options.  It is best to do some research or to shop at a store where the staff is highly trained and they specialize in mattresses.  After all, this is a big purchase and you could be spending 8 hours each night over the next 10 years in the bed you choose.

Innerspring and coil mattresses are the traditional type of mattress that supports the body weight with metal coils. There are a number of different types of spring systems available, including continuous coils and independent pocket spring coils. Typically, the higher the number of springs, the better the quality. This is because more coils will offer more support.  If you sleep with a partner, the pocket coil mattress will probably be a better option as the motion won’t transfer as easily to the other side of the bed.

Memory foam mattresses are a newer type of mattress, which is made up of a “memory foam” upper layer, and supported by a base foam, which is usually denser and doesn’t have any memory properties. There are also mattresses that combine a coil base for support with a foam mattress or memory foam topper.  You will want to actually lie on the beds for several minutes to get an idea of the firmness for support – while ensuring that the bed is also comfortable.

Your Mattress Options TorontoOther mattresses are adjustable, allowing the user to elevate the head or leg areas of the mattress. This is particularly useful if you would like to sit up while reading or watching TV.

The size of the mattress will be another factor to consider. Mattresses come in a variety of sizes, including twin, double, queen and king. You’ll also have the choice between different comfort levels, including firm, cushion firm, plush and ultra plush.

To extend the life of your mattress and preserve it from dust mites, allergens and bacteria, it is a good idea to buy a mattress cover.  Getting the proper pillow and bed frame is also important when building your sleep system.

Buy Mattress –  Toronto

Considering all the options out there, you want to be sure to visit a store that offers you expertise, large selection, great prices and delivery anywhere in Ontario. At The Sleep Factory in Mississauga or Milton, you’ll get the widest and best mattress selection available with top brands including Simmons, Serta, Sealy, iComfort, iSeries and the Sleep Factory brand.  They offer Sleep Now – Pay Later financing and a full range of bedroom furniture, day beds, bunk beds, bed frames and more. Visit SleepFactoryWest.ca to learn more about picking the perfect mattress, then grab your sleep partner and visit their West Toronto locations to find the best mattress to get the sleep you deserve!


Features, Benefits and Operating Costs of Electric Fireplaces

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Most people (and pets) love the feeling getting cozy in front of a warm fireplace on a cold day. However, even though fireplaces may add value to a home, many of them come with costs and maintenance that is more of a headache than anything. An economical and more convenient option is an electric fireplace, which is quickly becoming the more attractive alternative to traditional or gas fireplaces.

Find out how electric fireplaces can provide heat and ambience to your home while minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency:

Low Operating and Maintenance Costs

buy Green Way electric fireplacesOne reason why electric fireplaces are such a great alternative to traditional versions is because they require virtually no maintenance. There’s no need to chop and haul in firewood, nor is there any need to clean out the chimney. The only thing you’ll really ever have to do is dust the mantel or glass on the firebox on occassion.

These versions of fireplaces also cost a lot less than gas fireplaces, since the only thing that’s really operating is the energy-efficient LED light bulb that powers the flame. These units really only need a few pennies per day to operate, while offering the same ambience and heat as a traditional fireplace.

Ease of Use and Installation

If your home does not have a built in fireplace, the cost to add one is probably prohibitive. If you live in a condo or rental unit, it probably is not allowed.  Electric fireplaces do not require any special permits or installation, so they can be installed virtually anywhere; apartments, basements, bedrooms, cottages, boats, outdoor covered spaces, etc.  Plus, you can take it with you when you move!

Most electric fireplace models come with a remote control, so you can turn them on and off with the touch of a button.  Many let you control the size of flame, heat level, light level, etc. – so you can get the perfect ambience and amount of warmth for the room.


There are many manufacturers and models of electric fireplaces so your design choices are virtually unlimited.   You can choose from wall mount versions for a very slim line, space saving look, go for a traditional mantel version or an entertainment console.  With a large variety of sizes and finishes, you can find the perfect electric fireplace for any space when you shop at an electric fireplace superstore like www.simplyelectricfireplaces.ca.

Safe and Eco-Friendly

Green Way electric fireplaceThe dangers posed by gas fireplaces and wood burning fireplaces are obvious. From hot glass plates, to flying sparks, traditional fireplaces are more hazardous than electric versions. Electric Fireplaces are not hot to the touch so, unlike their counterparts, this makes them a very safe alternative, especially for those with young children or pets running around.

In addition, electric fireplaces are essentially a “green” option, since they release no harmful pollutants or emissions, and don’t consume any fossil fuels or natural wood to operate. There is no indoor moisture associated with these models, which is extremely helpful in preventing mold growth or ventilation problems. Some fireplace models even improve the air quality indoors by making use of air filters to clean the air a number of times an hour. When you buy Green Way fireplaces, for instance, you’ll benefit from this feature.

When you’re the market to buy Green Way electric fireplaces, look no further than Simply Electric Fireplaces. It is here where you’ll find the best makes and models of electric fireplaces, all at rates you can afford. Go online today at www.SimplyElectricFireplaces.ca!


Benefits of a Professional Basement Remodel

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basement contractors OakvilleCreate More Useable Space in Your Home With a Finished Basement

Finishing a basement in your Greater Toronto area home is a perfect idea to create more useable space for your entire family. Imagine the amount of added space that you can give your home by adding a few finishing touches to your basement! It is much easier and cheaper than moving and will add to the value of your home when it is time to sell.

There are a number of purposes that a finished basement can serve. Perhaps you’d like to have an open rec room for your growing children to have to their own area to hang out and play in. Maybe you’ve got in-laws that are living with you and you’d like to give them their own suite. Similarly, a private basement suite is perfect for a live in nanny. Other options include a man cave, a home office, a second kitchen and extra bathroom. Or maybe you’d like to earn some extra monthly income and set up a basement apartment that you can rent out to help pay for your mortgage.

Whatever the reason, a Mississauga basement remodel job can certainly give you a great deal more space to the entire square footage of your home!

Get the Pros in to Help

Some homeowners may consider attempting a basement remodeling job on their own in an effort to save money. Unfortunately, without the proper skills, this can turn out to be a very costly idea. There are number of things that go into a Mississauga basement remodeling job that require skills and knowledge of building codes. Basement finishing is much more than putting up some drywall and laying down tiles. For insurance and resale reasons, it is important to go with a reputable, licensed contractor.

There are building permits to consider, retaining walls, plumbing issues and wiring considerations that need to be factored in before you start renovations. Many times these amateur jobs can be disastrous and actually cost the homeowner more money in the long run to fix all the mistakes that were made along the way.

When you’re looking to get your basement finished, call the experts at Carcone Construction to do the job for you. They’ve got the experience and know-how to get the job done right the first time so that no back-tracking is necessary. They are a local Mississauga company that serves Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, Georgetown, Milton and other areas of the GTA. They have been providing quality basement renovations for over 26 years at reasonable prices. Whether you want to finish the whole basement, just add a bathroom or do updates to an existing one, Carcone and company can help you with all your interior home renovations.

Call (416) 953-5185 or go online at CarconeConstruction.ca today to learn more about basement remodeling in the GTA!


A Top Quality Dog Food Storage Container Will Keep Your Pet’s Food Fresher For Longer

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Large Dog Containers to House Your Furry Friend’s Food

If you’ve got a large breed dog as a pet, then you already know how incredibly expensive their food can be. The enormous bags of food that you have to buy on a regular basis should be stored with great care – after all, you’re spending a lot of money on it, so you want to make sure none of it goes to waste. Even more importantly, you want your pet to have the freshest, best-tasting food to munch on, so keeping it sealed and stored efficiently is the way to go.

Forget Storing Food in the Bag It Came in

dog food storage container

Think about it – if you just leave your dog food left in the bag it came in, rolled up in the corner, you’re not doing your pet any service. Image how much air is allowed to seep in that improperly sealed bag, leaving the food vulnerable to extreme temperatures, moisture, and even rodents or insects. Keep your pet’s food safe and fresh by storing it in a large airtight dog food storage container from Paw Print Products!

Containers From Paw Print Products Is the Way To Go

Paw Print Products is in the business to help pet owners of dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes keep food fresh and safe for long periods of time. The large dog food storage container products that you’ll find here are made of the highest quality plastic that will keep your pet’s food safe. They come with air-tight lids that won’t allow even the smallest amount of air to seep in. The durable steel handles will allow you to carry heavy loads of food from one spot to another without risking breakage of the container.

At Paw Print Products, you can even customize the food container! Place your pet’s name on the container, a photo of your pooch, and even your favorite saying! Not only that, but you can choose the color that you want and a small or large size container to fit your size dog.

Visit www.PawPrintProducts.ca today and order your very own personalized large dog food container!