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Protecting Your Investment in Oakville Real Estate

Posted by Ontario on March 3, 2016 in Business, Finance, Oakville Ontario Services with No Comments

professional interior designer OakvilleJust when you think homes in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton and the surrounding GTA can’t get any higher – they keep rising! It makes sense to invest in your home, to maintain its value and to bring you top dollar when the time comes to sell. While your home is your biggest investment, it is also where you spend most of your time and make memories with your family. Therefore, it pays to renovate the home to suit your needs and to keep it in top shape.

Many homes in older areas are not updated to reflect current styles and modern comforts. As families grow older, needs often change and remodeling can become necessary to make the space more functional. More room is often needed, so homeowners finish basements or add on home extensions. Other times, walls need to be removed to give a more open floor plan, or windows need to be expanded to let in more light.

Renovation Project ManagementRegardless of how big or small your home renovation project may be, it pays to have expert help rather than try to attempt he jobs yourself – unless you happen to be a contractor. Firstly, it is wise to get an interior designer, so you can plan and visualize what the final results will look like with the help of 3-D renderings and expert advice.  Mistakes can be very costly and this step can help you avoid many pitfalls. Secondly, it is important to hire top electricians, carpenters, stone masons or whichever trades the remodeling necessitates. Thirdly,  if you do not have the connections or skills to oversee the work being done, it makes sense to hire a renovation project manager. A project manager can hire the necessary trades, order/choose the materials and coordinate the workflow so the project goes smoothly.

If you are in Greater Toronto, you can find all you require for your successful home remodeling projects with Divine Home Interiors. This Oakville interior design company can do the 3D imaging plans and print specification sheets for your general contractor.  They also  do renovation project management, where you can decide how much work you want to undertake, or simply allow them to coordinate a team of reliable and experienced professionals to make sure your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Oakville interior design companyTo learn more about their services, visit their website at www.divinehome.ca or call Suzie at Divine Home to book a consultation at 905-466-2503. They also do interior decorating including color consultation, flooring and window treatments as well as lighting. Thinking of selling or you have just bought a home?  Make the most of your space with their  home staging services. They can also advise you as to which projects bring the best return on investment. Happy renovations!


Summer Dance Camps at Burlington’s Favorite Dance Studio

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summer dance camps 2016Even though it is cold outside, it is time to start thinking about summer camps for the kids, especially when it comes to fun and exciting camps that sell out every summer.

Burlington’s favorite dance studio, Creative Edge, has just announced their lineup of fun summer dance camps 2016.  Some favorite themes are back, including Frozen. Two weeks will be dedicated to the Next Step dance camp – following the theme of the popular TV dance show. New themes for this summer include Star Wars; the Jungle Book and Finding Dory.

Summer Dance Camps BurlingtonRegardless of the dance theme, campers will have fun in the 12,000 square foot, air conditioned dance studios at Creative Edge. Camps run from 9 AM to 4 PM daily, but before and after care is available – starting at 8 am and ending at 5 pm.

All of the camps include dance training in such popular genres as jazz, ballet, lyrical and musical theatre.  Creative Edge is also well known for its acro dance – which combines elements of gymnastics, tumbling and acrobatics with dance moves. Fun jump rope activities, where campers skip to music, are also part of the sessions.

Kids can have fun while learning dance technique, movements and exploring their theatrical sides. At the end of the week, campers put on a Finale presentation where they get to show their moves and what they have learned that week.

Creative Edge Dance StudioEvery year, these reasonably priced camps sell out – with the most popular themes going very quickly. Many campers return year after year to reconnect with friends they have made while also meeting new friends. What a great way to spend a week or more in the summer – having fun, being active and building their love of dance. Since the camp takes place indoors, there are no weather concerns.

To learn more about these summer dance camps, visit www.CreativeEdgeDance.ca or call 905-220-0741.


Don’t Miss the Best Day Trip from Toronto

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Toronto to Niagara tourToronto gets visitors from all over the world, but many want to see the sights outside the urban center.  The number one day trip is a Toronto to Niagara tour, leaving from Toronto area hotels to go to the beautiful Niagara region.  While the peak tourist time is summer, the Niagara region is also beautiful and less crowded in the spring and fall.

Niagara Falls is considered a great natural wonder of the world, but there is so much more to see in this region.  Built near the falls are lots of restaurants, a casino, a butterfly museum and the Clifton Hill entertainment area.  Most people want to get up close to the falls so they choose to take a 30 minute excursion on a Niagara cruise boat ride, rather than just see the falls from the viewing deck.  The more adventurous can also view the falls from a helicopter tour.  It is interesting to note that the Canadian horseshoe falls are larger than the American side across the border.

The top rated Toronto to Niagara day tour company on Trip Advisor and other sites is Niagara Day Tour.  They have a 4.8/5 rating – since they show more of the sites and have licensed, experienced guides that give fun and informative commentary.  They recently expanded their fleet to offer more day trip options, from value priced public day trips to affordable private excursions.  The tours generally last about 9 hours and include pickup from your Toronto area hotel or meeting spot.

Niagara On The LakeNiagara Day Tour offers more stops to really cover all the hot spots in the Niagara region.  You get to do a wine tasting at a local winery; view the huge hydro electric power stations; the smallest chapel in the world, the floral clock and Niagara on  the Lake – considered one of the prettiest towns in Canada.

Prices start at just $79 for adults and $54 for children for the full day tour.  You can get the best rates by booking directly on line at www.niagaradaytour.com.  Whether you live in Toronto and have never been to Niagara, or are only visiting Toronto for a few days, you should really not miss the best day trip and the fascinating Niagara region.


Self-Employed? Get Approved for a Mortgage Today!

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self employed mortgage OntarioIf you’re a self-employed individual, then you already know all the perks that come with being your own boss: making your own decisions, setting your own schedule, and so forth. But there are also some disadvantages that come with being self-employed, including the fact that you don’t fit the ‘mold’ when applying for a mortgage with the banks to purchase a home.

The main problem that the self-employed face when qualifying for a mortgage is the need to prove income with tax returns. Whereas borrowers who are employed by companies get a regular pay check and paystub which helps them prove their income, those who are self-employed have to go to much greater lengths in order to prove that their financial position is sufficient enough to cover mortgage payments.  Standard bank forms do not let you provide additional info, like receivables, growth potential, assets and intellectual property.

With over 15 percent of the Canadian population falling under the self-employed category, they have to find a way to get approved for a much needed self employed mortgage in Ontario. If you are self employed or earn a commission-based salary, your best bet is to work with a mortgage specialist who can help you find a home loan at terms and rates that work with your current and future needs.

Call the Specialists in Self-Employed Mortgages!

If you’re in need of a self employed mortgage in Ontario, you need to work with experienced mortgage experts that know how to find lenders for hard-to-place mortgages.  A mortgage broker shops your mortgage over lenders across Canada – from big banks to investment companies, credit unions, financial investors and private lenders.  They work for you – not the bank – to help you get the home loan you need. You don’t have to fill out multiple applications or have each lender pull a credit report. When you work with a reputable company – like the Mortgage Medics, they sit down with you to do a private and confidential consultation.  They can help you determine how much you can afford to spend on a home, what to expect for closing and carrying costs, and how to become mortgage free faster. The best part is, the experts at Mortgage Medics can potentially save you thousands in interest, but there is no charge for their service!

self-employed mortgageMortgage Medics help small-medium size business owners to find the home loan or debt consolidation that they need.  They understand your needs, and will look above and beyond just the fact that you’re a self-employed individual. They’ll look at components including your credit rating, debt ratios, income and more to help you get approved for a mortgage. They compare hundreds of lending products to match the ones that are best for your requirements.  The Medics have access to lenders who are well-versed in providing mortgages to the self-employed.

Even if the banks turned you down, get a second opinion from a Medic!  Call the team at Mortgage Medics at (905) 847-6611 or visit their website at www.mortgagemedics.ca for more information!  They Medics also make house calls!


Add a Focal Point to Any Room

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wall mounted electric fireplacesHanging beautiful artwork on the walls can change the look and feel of any room in the house.  However, a new decorating trend is taking over the traditional painting or print – since it is functional as well as beautiful.  This hot new item: a wall mounted electric fireplace!

The beauty of the electric fireplace is that it does not require special permits, ventilation or installation.  It can be installed in almost any room – including a rental apartment or condo.  It requires no construction and  is portable – so you can take it with you when you move!  The variety of options and colors available makes it easy to find an electric fireplace that matches your decor – from traditional to modern.

Thanks to technology, the wall mounted electric fireplace is now much thinner, with options like units that hang on the wall or ones that can be built into the decor.   These fireplaces are much safer than wood burning or gas fireplaces, since there is no gas, no sparks and the glass remains cool.  Electric fireplaces also require less energy and clean up, and are ready to go with the flick of a remote control.  They also come in a variety of sizes – including large rectangular ones – so you can really make a statement. Once you fall in love with your first one, you may want to add additional electric fireplaces to other rooms – like the bedroom, dining room, bathroom or even the cottage.

Simply Electric FireplacesElectric fireplaces are a great option to save energy, since you can use them to heat one room – bedroom, living room, basement – or wherever you spend more time – rather than crank the heat up for the whole house.  They are practical all year round since you can choose heat, light or both.  You can turn them on  in the summer without the heat – so you just add ambience without raising the temperature.  There are also models that are good for outdoor patio use.

To find the best selection of electric fireplaces in Canada, visit www. simplyelectricfireplaces.ca.  They have great prices and will ship anywhere in Canada.  Lots of great sales going on right now – so get one while it is still winter and prepare for cozy evenings snuggled in front of your very own fireplace.


Preserve the Interests of Your Family during a Divorce

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divorce lawyer OakvilleNo one ever expects to have their marriage end when they initially take their vows. Unfortunately, a number of circumstances can occur during a marriage that can cause a strain on the spouses. The couple may grow apart, finances may cause a strain, and other more trying occurrences may lead to a separation. Whatever the case may be, divorce is tough, but it doesn’t have to be made any harder than necessary. Trying to remain respectful and considerate throughout the entire process can really make the process much easier, faster, cheaper, and less stressful for everyone involved, including kids. Of course, a divorce lawyer Oakville should also be part of the equation.

Using Collaborative Family Law to Amicably End a Marriage

Rather than opting to drag a divorce through the courts and allow a judge to make decisions on marital issues on behalf the divorcing spouses, there are other options that are preferable when the couple is able to work together in an uncontested divorce situation. One alternative method for dissolving a marriage is collaboration through the guidance of a Collaborative Family Lawyer. This method is ideal for those who are still able to remain reasonable and respectful of each other, and maintain a level of cooperation to resolve the marital issues. A collaborative family law approach helps to preserve the interests of all family members using open communication and respect and protect the rights of the children and spouses going forward.

Oakville Divorce LawIf the spouses both agree to this method of separation, they then enter into a Participation Agreement, along with the signatures of their respective lawyers and other professionals on the team. The role of the collaborative family lawyer is to provide legal advice and information to their client, while preparing a fair separation agreement that protects their client going forward. This voluntary method helps to resolve conflict in a much more cooperative manner and puts the control in the hands of the divorcing couple – not the judge.

Keeping Divorce Dignified and Respectful with a Trained Expert

For support and assistance in ending a marriage through collaboration, contact Diane Daly and her team of experts. Diane is an experienced divorce lawyer who has helped many couples end their marriage using collaboration as the process of choice. Visit www.OakilleLaw.ca today to determine if collaborative law is right for you or if other methods of avoiding divorce court – like negotiation or arbitration – are more appropriate.  You can also call Diane’s team in Oakville (serving all of GTA and southern Ontario) at (905) 844-5883.


Have You Tried Mississauga’s Premiere Salon?

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best Mississauga hair salonGetting the perfect haircut can actually be a lot harder than it seems. Many people have to try out a few different hair stylists before they find the right one who understands exactly what they’re looking for. So when you finally land the right hairstylist, you’ll want to hang onto that professional!

Mississauga’s premiere salon, Foretell Salon & Spa, has grown over the past 27 years because they have some of the best hair stylists and estheticians in the GTA.  Some stylists have been at the salon since it opened.  While they are some of the the most experienced and skilled hairstylists around, they stay current with training, seminars and workshops in New York and Italy. Their team listens attentively to each client to ensure that they are getting the exact cut, color or style they’re looking for.

Surround Yourself in an Elegant Environment

For almost 3 decades, they’ve been offering the highest level of service to their loyal clientele, deeloping a solid reputation as the best Mississauga hair salon for both men and women. They’re constantly evolving to ensure that our services remain the best in the industry and have once again expanded and renovated their salon and spa.  You will love the look – like a European spa – as well as the expanded services.

Fortelli Salon & Spa MissisaugaThe salon team offers the latest techniques for cuts, color, hair extensions, styling and trends. The spa offers registered massage therapy, facials, makeup, skin treatments, hair removal, nail services, spray tanning and body therapies.

Fortelli’s has been the salon of choice for many brides in west Toronto, since they offer full service and consultations.  The celebration starts well before the wedding when the bridal party gets treatments and services at Fortellis!

Fortelli Salon & Spa – The Best in Mississauga

Whatever type of services you’re looking for – be it a haircut, style, blow dry, or colour – trust your hair to the experts at Foretell Salon & Spa.  They also carry a full line of top skin and hair products, hair styling implements, makeup and nail products. Visit Fortelli.com today or call (905) 824-4949 to book your next hair appointment!