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What is Inquiry Based Learning?

Posted by samanthas on April 17, 2013 in Education with No Comments

inquiry based learning projectsInquiry Based Learning Explained

Inquiry based learning is modeled on real life situations and skills. It is a type of learning method that engages students to be actively involved in solving problems in a small group setting. Students in typical classroom settings are often simply note-takers, who memorize information from their teachers’ lectures and from their textbooks. Such passive learning can be quite boring for students, and does not always engage students to become interested in the subjects at hand, nor does it always foster retention of such information into the future.

With inquiry based learning projects, students are given the opportunity to take on a project with a small group of their peers, and work collaboratively to research, gather information, and present a solution to the problem they are given. During the problem solving, students are able to build and develop their knowledge of the subject. They become much more involved through hands-on learning and are more actively participating in the learning process which requires them to gather information and use critical thinking skills.

Inquiry Based Learning Explained – Life Skills Developed Through PBL

The skills developed through inquiry or project based learning go far beyond simply hearing information and trying to retain it. Students involved in project based learning develop skills that are necessary to make them successful adults. They learn skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration through PBL, which are skills that will help them throughout their adult life.

PBL Units For the Classroom

Introducing and implementing PBL units in the classroom can be a bit challenging without adequate preparation and experience.  This is why teachers need access to PBL units that are easily implemented into the classroom so that both teachers and students can ease into this process with no issues.

The www.PBLSuperstore.com provides teachers, and other instructors, with project based learning units that are designed by teachers for teachers. Their units were specifically designed to bridge the gap between the classroom setting and real life situations, giving students a winning chance at success. Visit the PBLSuperstore today and find a variety of units that are easily downloaded and ready to use!  They come with a full money back guarantee and grading rubric for grades K-10!


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