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Teaching History With Project Based Learning

Posted by samanthas on March 19, 2013 in Education with No Comments

Project Based Learning for the Classroom

Although projects and group assignments have always been a part of a class curriculum, project based learning takes teaching to another level. With continuous evolution and more focus on discovery, students are given more hands-on learning experiences with PBL.  This educational opportunity results in better student engagement and the development of crucial life skills including problem solving and critical thinking. By working with their peers, students learn through “doing”.  This teaming up with others in an effort to solve a problem helps them learn collaboration, delegating and leadership.

Project Based Learning – History

One history-based PBL unit in the PBLSuperstore.com library is called “Time Travelers: The Colonial X Factor”. This unit is available for grades K-10, with different units offering grade level appropriate material, so teachers can choose the specific units and grading rubrics for their particular student population.

To effectively teach students about history, this Time Travelers unit brings students through a series of tasks. Students will be prompted to study historical situations and consider the needs of the people in such times. By learning from the past, students are then encouraged to propose a change or different method that they would employ instead of those used in the past, to avoid mistakes made by their ancestors. Students can then implement these thought-out strategies and determine the possible outcome of their new-found strategy.

Project based learning can be a truly unique and effective learning tool for history class. Teachers can determine how short or lengthy a project will be and what size to make the groups. Students will learn by doing, not simply by listening and memorizing. The end result are students who have not only learned something new, but have gained a deeper interest and understanding of the subject at hand.

PBLSuperstore.com – Your Online Resource For PBL History Units

For teachers looking for ready-made PBL units, PBLSuperstore.com has everything you need all in a convenient one-stop shop. Their library of units boasts a variety of resources and subjects for the North American curriculum. These units are ready to download and implement right away. In addition, these units come with the tools and support needed for teachers to confidently implement PBL into their classroom. Visit PBLSuperstore.com today and find the perfect project based learning history unit for your class!


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