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Using Divorce Arbitration as an Alternative to Divorce Court

Posted by samanthas on July 17, 2012 in Home Living Tips with No Comments

What is Divorce Arbitration?

Ontario divorce arbitration is an alternative method to settling divorce issues and dissolving a marriage rather than going through the courts to do so. It generally takes a shorter amount of time, and can be less expensive than taking the divorce to trial in front of a judge.

Rather than having to go to court according to the judge’s appointment, arbitration hearings are scheduled around the parties’ schedules, making it much easier and more convenient to be able to attend these meetings. All arbitration proceedings are kept confidential, although this information can be made privy to the public if the arbitrator’s decision is appealed.

If negotiation or mediation fail to settle divorce issues, than arbitration can be a viable method of resolution. Arbitrators ultimately make the final decisions when settling cases, unlike mediation where the decisions are made by the ex-spouses. It is essential that each party understands that it is the arbitrator who will be making the pertinent decisions, and they agree to abide by the decisions when they decide to use an arbitrator.

Benefits of Using a Divorce Arbitrator Ontario

One of the biggest benefits of using divorce arbitration is the avoidance of dragging the divorce through the courts. It is a less formal method of ironing out separation issues, and allows the divorcing parties to be able to schedule meetings that is convenient for them. Arbitration also tends to be much faster than court proceedings, as well as less expensive.  It is generally an alternative to divorce court that involves mutual respect and collaboration, and is easier on the family unit.

Have Professionals Assist You Every Step of the Way

Diane Daly is a divorce lawyer and experienced arbitrator, as well as a mediator and collaborative family lawyer. She is member of a variety of family law organizations and has over 20 years’ experience with Ontario law. Not only does Diane have the credentials to back up her professionalism, but she also truly cares about her clients and members of the family that are negatively affected by the divorce.  She can review your options to help you avoid divorce court and get on the road to a better tomorrow.

If you are facing the separation and divorce, contact Diane Daly and her professional and expert team today for a consultation on how her services can help you and your family.  If you are in Southern Ontario, call (905) 844-5883.


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