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Best Option to Ease the Divorce Process

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Oakville family lawyerDivorce is a situation that no married couple ever intends on facing. Unfortunately, divorce is a common occurrence in our society today, and oftentimes marital issues are settled in a less-than-amicable manner. Many times the spouses are left emotionally and financially drained, and the family members – namely the children – are left devastated emotionally as well.

Luckily, there are other ways to end a marriage, that help to preserve dignity and pave the way to a better tomorrow.  If you are in the process of separating, you should know that there are alternatives to traditional divorce court.

Collaborative Family Law – A More Dignified Way to End a Marriage

Collaborative family law is a much more dignified way to handle the process of separation and divorce. This process works well when the couple can speak to each other in a reasonable manner in order to resolve their issues rationally.

This method involves entering into a Participation Agreement, which binds all parties to the process, including the couple, their lawyers, and any other professionals involved. Should either spouse decide that they’d prefer to go to court down the road, everyone needs to withdraw from the process, including the respective lawyers.

Collaborative Family Law OakvilleThe role of the Oakville family lawyer in collaborating is to provide his or her client with sound legal advice throughout the entire process. He or she will essentially coach the client on the requirements and issues regarding the separation agreement under the governing laws of Ontario. This process is voluntary for all involved, and is a much more cooperative way to settle a divorce.

Alternative to Divorce Court

Collaboration makes divorce much less stressful and less emotionally draining compared to divorce curt. The goal here is to ensure that all parties involved experience the best possible outcome. Issues such as property, assets, liabilities, alimony, child custody and more must be negotiated and agreed upon by the parties in the separation agreement.  Collaborative family law puts the control into the hands of the divorcing spouses, rather than a judge in divorce court. This process makes way for a smooth transition from marriage, to divorce, and ultimately to a new life.

Are You Looking for an Experienced, Caring Oakville Family Lawyer?

Collaborative Family LawDiane Daly and her team of experts are experienced in collaborative law, as well as other means of settling a divorce, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration. If you are going through a divorce, you need a caring, compassionate, experienced family lawyer to help you dissolve your marriage in the best manner possible, protecting your rights and the rights of the children going forward. Visit www.OakvilleLaw.ca today for more information about collaborative family law and other methods of avoiding divorce court and a long, drawn out battle.  You can also make an appointment for a consultation by calling (905) 844-5883.


Making Divorce Easier on the Family With the Help of a Collaborative Family Lawyer Oakville

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Divorce is a very common event nowadays, and it can become a very stressful experience for all parties involved if the dispute is dragged on through the courts for months or even longer. Collaborative family law offers divorcing couples an alternative to the involvement of the courts and a judge in settling their issues during a divorce. Using this alternative for divorce is particularly advantageous when there are children involved. Settling a divorce out of court can help everyone move on more quickly, usually with less stress and emotional duress.

Using the Services of a Collaborative Family Lawyer in Ontario

A collaborative family lawyer will work with a divorcing couple to help them settle all issues pertaining to their separation, such as property division, business division, and child custody.  The idea is to settle these issues as amicably and quickly as possible in order for all parties to walk away satisfied and emotionally intact. Many times, divorce battles that are brought through the court system end up making all parties miserable and stressed out. By leaving the decision-making to the judge, each party is often left unsatisfied with the results. Children are often the main victims in these court proceedings, especially when they take a long time to resolve.

Using a collaborative family lawyer will help to resolve issues between the divorcing couple so that they are able to make decisions about their settlements, rather than leave them up to a court judge.

Each party will initially discuss their wants and needs with their respective lawyer, after which the lawyers will meet to discuss what each client wants. After such discussions have taken place, each party and their lawyer will all meet, and sign an agreement outlining that both parties want to settle the divorce out of court.

Using a collaborative family lawyer to settle divorce issues can take considerably less time to deal with in comparison to fighting in court. In addition, this method of divorce settlement is usually much cheaper than using the court system, which can cost a lot financially and emotionally.   Collaborative family law puts the emphasis on collaboration, better preserving the dignity of the parties involved.

Dinane Daly is a lawyer who practices family law in the Hamilton, Halton, Oakville and GTA areas. Diane and her associates use a team approach to negotiate divorce terms as efficiently as possible. They will involve any other professionals necessary, such as financial experts and family therapists, in order for all issues to be dealt with properly and efficiently.

For an experienced Oakville collaborative family lawyer, call Diane today at (905) 844-5883 for all the information you need to move on to a better tomorrow.