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Best Option to Ease the Divorce Process

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Oakville family lawyerDivorce is a situation that no married couple ever intends on facing. Unfortunately, divorce is a common occurrence in our society today, and oftentimes marital issues are settled in a less-than-amicable manner. Many times the spouses are left emotionally and financially drained, and the family members – namely the children – are left devastated emotionally as well.

Luckily, there are other ways to end a marriage, that help to preserve dignity and pave the way to a better tomorrow.  If you are in the process of separating, you should know that there are alternatives to traditional divorce court.

Collaborative Family Law – A More Dignified Way to End a Marriage

Collaborative family law is a much more dignified way to handle the process of separation and divorce. This process works well when the couple can speak to each other in a reasonable manner in order to resolve their issues rationally.

This method involves entering into a Participation Agreement, which binds all parties to the process, including the couple, their lawyers, and any other professionals involved. Should either spouse decide that they’d prefer to go to court down the road, everyone needs to withdraw from the process, including the respective lawyers.

Collaborative Family Law OakvilleThe role of the Oakville family lawyer in collaborating is to provide his or her client with sound legal advice throughout the entire process. He or she will essentially coach the client on the requirements and issues regarding the separation agreement under the governing laws of Ontario. This process is voluntary for all involved, and is a much more cooperative way to settle a divorce.

Alternative to Divorce Court

Collaboration makes divorce much less stressful and less emotionally draining compared to divorce curt. The goal here is to ensure that all parties involved experience the best possible outcome. Issues such as property, assets, liabilities, alimony, child custody and more must be negotiated and agreed upon by the parties in the separation agreement.  Collaborative family law puts the control into the hands of the divorcing spouses, rather than a judge in divorce court. This process makes way for a smooth transition from marriage, to divorce, and ultimately to a new life.

Are You Looking for an Experienced, Caring Oakville Family Lawyer?

Collaborative Family LawDiane Daly and her team of experts are experienced in collaborative law, as well as other means of settling a divorce, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration. If you are going through a divorce, you need a caring, compassionate, experienced family lawyer to help you dissolve your marriage in the best manner possible, protecting your rights and the rights of the children going forward. Visit www.OakvilleLaw.ca today for more information about collaborative family law and other methods of avoiding divorce court and a long, drawn out battle.  You can also make an appointment for a consultation by calling (905) 844-5883.


Collaborative Family Law – A Dignified Approach to Divorce

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Collaborative Family Law – An Alternative to Court Divorce

Going through a separation and divorce is an incredibly trying time in a couple’s and family’s life. This difficult period can be even more difficult and stressful when the proceedings are dragged through the court system for extended periods of time with opposing parties fighting over every matter involved in dissolving the marriage.

Rather than taking the divorce proceedings to the court, there are other viable and less stressful options for those separating. Among these options is collaborative family law. This alternative to court divorce offers divorcing couples a much more dignified and cooperative approach to an otherwise potentially stressful and exasperating situation.

What is Collaborative Family Law?

Collaborative law is a legal process whereby the divorcing spouses find alternatives to divorce court and judgements in order to dissolve their marriage amicably. The divorcing couple will work with lawyers trained in negotiation, mediation, arbitration or collaborative family law.  Other family professionals may also be involved, including accountants, financial planners, child psychologists or others in order to facilitate the separation agreement.  This alternative to divorce ultimately leaves much more control in hands of the separating couple in comparison to court proceedings, where the judge will ultimately have the final say.

With such a process, collaborative family law proceedings will allow each party to achieve a settlement that meets their needs, that they are generally satisfied with. This is a voluntary process that generally involves each party signing a contract that binds each party to this particular process, showing their commitment to work collaboratively to reach a settlement.

Hiring a Collaborative Family Law Lawyer

Although collaborative law may not be suitable for everyone, it is an option available for those who believe their divorce can be handled amicably without the judgment through the courts. If you think collaborative family law is right for you, hire the experts in this field of family law, like Diane Daly and her team.

Diane’s 20 years of experience helping families dissolve their marriages as stress-free as possible makes her the ideal choice when you are looking to separate. If you are in the Greater Toronto area or Southern Ontario, call Diane Daly and her team today and see how they can help get you and your family through this trying and stressful time and on to a better tomorrow.


Get Help With a Family Lawyer

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How Lawyers Can Help In Stressful Situations

Divorce is never an easy time for anyone involved. This process is one of the most difficult and emotionally challenging situations in one’s life, and is never something that anyone ever anticipates will happen when a couple first gets married. When faced with divorce, it is best to have a professional on your team, like an experienced family lawyer, who can inform you of all the options available to you and can help get you and your family through this tough situation.

Collaborative Family Law as an Alternative to Court

Dragging a divorce proceeding through the courts can be incredibly stressful and difficult. Often times these divorce proceedings end up getting ugly, and ultimately hurt all the parties involved, including the children.

Rather than bringing your divorce in front of a judge, who will ultimately make the final decision on how assets will be divided and how the children will be dealt with, Collaborative Family law is a much more dignified approach to divorce. In this situation, ex-spouses collaborate and do their best to be rational and reasonable when settling finances, assets, and any other issue arising from their marriage.

A Collaborative Law family lawyer will team up with each spouse, who will then work things out in a calm and amicable way to settle issues as best as possible. There are several options to come to agreement including negotiations, mediation or even arbitration.  The lawyers involved will be present in order to answer any questions that arise, as well as coach each party in an organized manner. Settling a divorce by collaboration will ensure that both parties will be much more satisfied with the outcome, rather than leaving it to a judge to decide.

Divorce is psychologically and emotionally stressful. It’s best to avoid any messy and lengthy battles fought in court, and aim to maintain a level of respect for one another, by resolving any conflict as peacefully as possible during the separation agreement.

Get Help From Experts in Family Law

You need to find an Ontario family lawyer, like Diane Daly, who has dealt with divorce in a Collaborative Law setting, helping divorcing spouses settle issues as amicably as possible, and help dissolve the marriage reasonably and rationally. Contact Diane and her team at (905) 844-5883 today to help settle your divorce and move onto a brighter tomorrow.


Using a Divorce Lawyer Oakville After the Dissolution of a Marriage

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People generally enter a marriage with the best of intentions. However, many marriages end up in divorce, which then necessitates the settlement of a variety of issues and a separation agreement. The entire divorce experience is incredibly stressful and traumatic for those involved, which makes it even more essential to deal with matters as amicably and quickly as possible. Using the services of a reputable and caring divorce lawyer Oakville can help you settle all matters as smoothly as possible.

How a Divorce Lawyer Can Help

It is essential to seek legal advice when you are contemplating getting a divorce. This will help you and your spouse come to an agreement on many matters that need to be addressed during the separation. Divorce lawyers have the necessary education, training and experience to help all parties involved get things settled and move on with their lives as quickly as possible.
Some of the common issues that need to be agreed upon and settled include:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property division
  • Finances
  • Investments
  • Business entities

An experienced divorce lawyer, like Diane Daly, can explain your options to you, including avoiding divorce court through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or collaborative family law.  These options use a more cooperative and collaborative approach, putting the divorce process in the control of the separating couple rather than the courts.  It pays to understand your options to decide the best course of action to be taken.

Spouses can decide at the appropriate point whether they can settle their issues out of court, or take their divorce to trial. Of course, the ideal situation would be to settle out of court, as this can often be a much faster and less emotional scenario. A collaborative family lawyer will help you negotiate your terms and try to come up with a settlement that everyone will be satisfied with. If a settlement cannot be reached, it may be necessary to take the divorce proceedings to court and have a judge help in negotiating and settling pertinent matters.

Finding a divorce lawyer who is truly compassionate as well as knowledgeable is essential. Diane Daly is a lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in the Oakville area who has helped countless families settle their divorces both in and out of court. Diane and her team care about the well being of the children and the divorcing spouses, and proceed with negotiations in such a manner to protect everyone’s best interests.  Give them a call at (905) 844-5883.


Benefits of a Divorce Mediator Ontario

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Divorce is a very unpleasant and unsettling experience for anyone to have to go through. It can be made even worse when the parties involved can’t seem to negotiate and settle issues without getting heated and emotional. This is where divorce mediation can help. By allowing a third party into the negotiations and communications, the divorce process can be made as smooth as possible.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process where the two divorcing spouses negotiate issues that need to be resolved for the separation agreement. A divorce mediator is a specially trained,  neutral third party who will help the parties resolve issues such as real estate, finances, child custody, spousal support, and so forth. Mediation is done outside of divorce court, and eliminates the need of getting a judge involved who will ultimately decide the fate of all outstanding issues related to the marriage and divorce.

Often divorce mediation can reduce the emotions and stress involved during the dissolution of a marriage, which is a big advantage for all parties involved, especially the children. All parties will enter into a Mediation Agreement, which is completely confidential.

The goal of divorce mediation is to get the divorcing spouses to work together to determine the appropriate settlement for themselves and their children. The Mediator will facilitate this process to help the spouses come to an agreement on all issues without having to drag their divorce through the court system. This is a positive process, which helps to reduce emotional tension that may most likely exist between the divorcing couple.

Using a Reputable Divorce Mediator

Diane Daly is a divorce mediator in Oakville who strives to ensure that the children are put first in all divorce situations. Often, the kids get caught up and lost in the entire mess of the divorce, which can have serious emotional consequences for them, in addition to their parents. Diane strongly believes that agreements are best made amongst the parties involved, rather than having an outsider make the decisions for them. With the help of the Daly Law professional team, the divorce process is more respectful and dignified.  Divorce mediation offers a better path for couples and families to move forward.  Spouses are much better off and are better prepared as they dissolve their marriage amicably, and resume life on their own.   Visit www.OakvilleLaw.ca for more information on settling separation issues outside of divorce court.