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Buy PBL Units Online for Ready-to-Use Projects

Posted by samanthas on January 25, 2013 in Education with No Comments

Why Use Project Based Learning?

The use of project based learning has many benefits for both students and teachers alike. Many students become stagnant in a traditional classroom setting, which can have negative effects on their actual learning and comprehension. Teachers can also get frustrated with conventional curriculums that don’t seem to get through to certain students. With project based learning, the onus is no longer on the teacher teaching and the student learning, but is self directed student learning.  Bringing in projects that involve problem solving and collaboration helps bridge the gap between the classroom and real life.

Effective Project Based Learning

Students engaged in problem based learning – or “PBL” for short – are encouraged to think critically and collaborate with their peers in order to reach a solution to the problem at hand. Instead of just retaining information by repetition, students are actually using hands-on learning and discovering information and answers, which inevitably helps them to retain the information for much longer time periods.

Critical thinking and problem solving are required with PBL, which are skills that will take them well into their adult years. The team work involved with PBL also provides them with invaluable skills that will prove to be essential as they grow and mature, and become involved in various endeavours throughout their lives. Project based learning is the conduit that takes them from the classroom situation to a real-life one.

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